Wrong Car—-Right Restaurant

Last night we decided we wanted to go eat at Bess Bistro on Pecan. Looked like a great choice with some yummy things on the menu. I read a lot of reviews and they were very mixed but then some foodies can be pretty brutal when it comes to writing reviews so we thought we would give it a go. Add to it that it is Sandra Bullock’s restaurant and that swayed our choice a little bit, too, to just be able to dine at a celebrity’s place even though there was no chance of seeing said celebrity!

Micah was going to pick us up so we were hanging around outside on the front porch waiting for him to come, chatting, enjoying the night. Finally we spotted a Toyota Camry cruising slowly down the street. Aaron confirmed it was a Camry and the 3 of us walked out into the street and surrounded the car. As we walked up to it I said “I sure hope this is Micah” and the GIRL who was driving said from her open window “Uh…no it isn’t”. I mean our hands were all almost on the door handles ready to open the doors. I think we freaked her freak! We apologized and she drove, quickly, on. She did a U’ey and came back by us—believe me—I dont’ think I would have done that but she did and was soon followed by Micah in the correct Camry….I am sure she thought we were going to carjack her or something!

But on to the restaurant–it was delightful! I am glad that I didn’t pay a lot of attention to some of the negative reviews! We had mussels and fried artichoke for starters which were wonderful. Chris had the sea scallops, Micah had some steak thing, Aaron had some delicious meatloaf wrapped in bacon and I had shepherds pie. Topped off with some creme brulee to share for dessert and we were all in a food coma. Great atmosphere and attentive waitress and just an overall nice time last night. Thanks, Micah, for the suggestion. Tonight…..BBQ! Yum!

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