It’s A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Got ya singing that song now, don’t I?  My goal is complete!!!  But seriously–it is a beautiful day!   I am sitting in the sunroom between services this morning listening to the hoards of geese flying overhead—they seem to know that something is coming….perhaps this warm weather won’t last much longer but I sure am going to enjoy it while I can!!!

Chris and I went to an awesome concert in Clear Lake last night.  Chris has always been a huge fan of the Christian group Selah and since they were in town and we were  home for a change we made it a point to get tickets and go hear them.  They were awesome, as we expected!

I got one picture before they requested no flash photography ( it wasn’t printed anywhere on the program so I didn’t think it was a big deal but it was..oops).    They were incredible and the songs they sang were ones that we knew and they often invited the audience to sing along which was pretty cool.   If you ever get the chance to see them –go!  It is well worth the ticket price.

My favorite all time Selah song—-Draw Me, Lord…..



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    Reblogging a post from October 10, 2010 for your listening pleasure. Seems about right for a Sunday morning.

  2. They are a great group, Beth Ann, but I’ve not had the opportunity to see them live. What a blessing!

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