Ninja Moves and Boxelder Bugs

It’s here. Or maybe I should say…they’re here! The wonderful Boxelder bugs who have been here all summer but who want to come into the house now that the weather is cooling (though today is absolutely beautiful and in the low 80’s!) off. It is a trick to make it in the door without letting masses of them inside. You gotta be quick and evasive! They aren’t any big deal—it isn’t like they bite or suck blood or anything but they are just one of those annoying things that you would rather not have inside your house! I guess if there there a lot of them inside they can poop all over and cause staining that way (hope you aren’t eating while you are reading this!) but I don’t think I will have that problem. I just have to practice my ninja moves in getting in and out of the house til they disappear—-so if you see me totally dressed in black you will understand!

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