Colors and More!

Last week before I left my mom’s house at Copeland Oaks I stopped on my way out to check out the flowers in this beautiful garden that they have.   We had wanted to take a walk there one day but we just got too busy so on my way out I made the stop and clicked a few pics!.   I think there is one man there who mainly is in charge of these beauties—hats off to him! They are gorgeous!

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  1. Becky Miracle says:

    Thanks for sharing these. I showed them to Donald and he so enjoyed seeing them. He has grown dahlias for years and use to have as many as 50 different kinds and colors. This years weather and his illness has left ours pretty sparse and he was so disappointed. We loved seeing the beauty in these. Someone really put a lot of time into those!

  2. I didn’t know he grew those!!! They were beautiful for sure and if I understood my mom correctly there is one guy there who grows them. I was amazed at the size and variety. Glad you and Donald enjoyed seeing them!

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