Dear Delta

Dear Delta,
I have tried to like you, I really have. Even though you have misplaced my luggage numerous times and left me stranded in places I have not always wanted to be. Even though my luggage has seen places my feet have never been I still have tried to believe in you. But why , Delta, why? Why do I have a platinum American Express card if I get no perks? Why did the last Delta agent give me a free piece of checked luggage and “put me in the system” when the agent today says I don’t get that benefit unless I fly with my husband who is the primary card holder? Why did I bother getting this card? Your agent told me today that I should get one of my own……I must admit I was a little snippy with her. Hard to imagine, I know. O am trying to simplify my life and adding another credit card does not seem in the plans. So Delta….once again you disappoint..
Sad in Pittsburgh,
Beth Ann


  1. Jen Hedrick says:

    I hope Delta sees this. How DARE someone push you far enough to get SNIPPY. Maybe your luggage should have its own blog (and credit card).

  2. I am sure Delta could care less! And it is hard to believe that “I” got snippy, isn’t it??? LOL I Like your idea of getting a credit card for my luggage….it may work. And when Chris talked to them at that Skyclub in MSP they said I should be able to still get in there without him so hopefully at least I can do that!!! Good grief….just ticked me off. Doesn’t take much these days.

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