I Survived

For those of you who might have been a tad worried about me and the closet cleaning project…..I survived.   Beth Ann 1—Closet 0.  Well, kind of.   There is still a lot left in the closet but there is a lot that is not!   The picture on yesterday’s post, by the way, was NOT my clothes pile—just a random picture pulled off the internet so I am not quite THAT bad.   But there was the potential….

It made me think alot about stuff as I cleaned yesterday.  I mean, really, why do I have all this stuff?   My sister and I were chatting this morning about hanging onto stuff that has sentimental reasons.  She has a dress she wore on the 25th anniversary celebration.  I have a suit that I wore when Chris and I went to see Phantom of the Opera in Toronto.   Mind you that was in 1992 probably.  It is a great suit.   Ivory with lace.  Beautiful.  And it was way out of my price range when I bought it.   Never mind that it no longer fits.   It is a size 6 and while I was able to save a few size 6 items in my closet for the most part those days are gone.  But that suit….that suit….it brings back some great memories.   We left the boys with their aunt and took a group trip with a bunch of church folks to Toronto to see the play. It was awesome.  One of the many trips that Chris and I have taken that I have such great memories of.   But seriously…do I need to save that suit???  Most likely not.

So why do I get attached to “things?”   Gosh, I don’t know.  Is it because I associate memories with things?  It kind of seems that way with that suit in particular.  But that is just silly!   I have the memories ( when I can remember them!!!  That too, is sometimes a struggle these days!)   I found myself saving things that I bought in Australia just because I bought it in Australia.  Never mind that I probably won’t wear it again.   It came from a more exotic time in my life.  So I kept it.   Maybe when the snow starts falling I can go in my closet and pull it out and think of those days……

I would call yesterday a success in the cleaning department if you can use my trunk as a gauge.  Funny coincidence…..I just saw that it is Goodwill Days at Younkers beginning today where if you take clothing in to be donated they give you a 20% coupon off items in the store.   Very tempting….maybe Chris needs something…….now that I have empty hangers……

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