Someone May Need to Check on Me!!!!

Some people will be saving lives today.  Some people will be teaching children new and amazing things.  Some people will be serving others.  Some people may even be learning how to do some new and innovation thing.  Some people will be writing, reading and doing sums.

Not me.

Today I tackle my bedroom closet.  Where does it all come from?   I used to be so organized and neat.  I still am in “some parts” of my life but my clothes closet has gotten ahead of me.

My life has changed and I need to change with it.   No longer do I need those suits and “work clothes”.   My life of leisure is wonderful, don’t get me wrong, and being able to have time to volunteer to do things that I really love to do is absolutely the best thing in the world.  So that means….out with the old!!!

So…..if you don’t hear from me for a bit it may be because I am snowed under in clothes for Goodwill.    Of course sorting things means trying things on.   And since the work outs on the elliptical have just begun (and going very well thank you very much—-I think I burned 131 calories last night….whoopee!)  I need to be realistic about whether I should hang on to those size 6 clothes…….I think those days are long gone but maybe just that one favorite suit??????

Wish me luck and expect to see a big bunch of new gently loved clothing coming available at a Goodwill store soon!!!!


  1. Good luck!!

  2. Jen Hedrick says:

    Um …. please tell me you pirated that photo from the Hoarders website.

  3. Well, Jen, maybe not the Hoarders website but some random place. I am not quite that bad….though my cleaning has produced a lot of black garbage bags. I am being ruthless. Utterly ruthless!

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