Trying out this Blog Hop Thingy!!!

So I am getting more savvy about this whole bloggy thing—aren’t you all so proud of me?  I have gotten a lot more viewers and am trying to figure out some of the finer parts of blogging!   One is to participate in a blog hop and we will see if I get this one figured out right!!!  I have been experimenting with a couple of things that are supposed to allow me to put in recommendations of things that relate to my post but so far that hasn’t worked too well!   Like I said—still learning!

But today…..the Blog Hop has 5 questions to answer and I am going to attempt to do that and let you all get to know me a bit better!!!  For what it’s worth!!!   Would love to hear back from others the answers to these questions also!  Feel free to post your comments by clicking on the comment box at the bottom of the post at the right side!!!

1. What is your favorite kind of doughnut?   Basic glazed type—–would probably have been the Cheerwine Krispy Kreme if I had been able to find them when I was in North Carolina last time!
2. How often do you pray?  Without ceasing!!!  Always doing breath prayers.  Could not get through the day without prayer and a faith in my God!
3. What is your favorite kind of music?  Hard for me to pick just one kind!!!  I love top 40 stuff, 80’s, contemporary christian, jazz, classical—-it just depends on my mood what I listen to.  I love to listen to groups that my sons recommend to me—-they find the best groups that I never would find otherwise!
4. What do you order when you eat Chinese food?   Usually a vegetarian type stir fry—-whatever they have that has water chestnuts and mushrooms!!! YUMMMMMM!!
5. Would you rather snowboard in the winter or swim in the summer?   I view these both as spectator sports….but if I had my druthers I would do the swimming in the summer if it meant beach time!  I am all about the beach!!!   So there you have it!!! All the answers to my first blog hop entry!!!  Enjoy!!!!  Have a GREAT Monday!!!


  1. Cheerwine Krispy Kreme…sounds intriguing!
    Visiting from Meet Me on Monday!

    • Mary, my North Carolina friends say they are the best!!! And since Cheerwine is only available there (and maybe a few other places in the South) it is a Southern Delight! Thanks for stopping by!!!

  2. Carol, Welcome!!! Glad to have you stop by!!! I am trying to figure some of this stuff out and realized that once again the link did not post correctly so I did not have the blog hop listed on my post!!! I have been having some troubles with getting links to publish for a long time so I gotta talk to the folks at WordPress again!!! Come on back! I am always rambling about something!!!

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