Iowa is On the Map!!!

I know you all want to come live in Iowa!  I know that all of the readers of my blog have a secret desire to come to the land of corn !   Judging from the number of visitors we have had here since we moved here in 2007 (ONE) I am thinking that you guys just don’t know what is great about Iowa.  Well, today let me tell you one thing that is NOT great about Iowa.  Eggs.  Yep.  By now most of you have heard about the egg recall because of salmonella contamination.  Well. guess what?   A second egg producer in Iowa has issued yet another recall of eggs due to “laboratory confirmed illnesses”.  Lovely.   Just lovely.  Seems that now along with the Wright County Egg Company which recalled 380 million eggs we have added Hillandale Farms to the list and is recalling 170 million eggs.  That is a heck of a lot of omelets!

So my PSA of the day—be careful of eggs shipped from Iowa!  I , for one, do not want to succumb to the lovely symptoms that can come from eating eggs which contain salmonella.   Be smart out there folks!   And maybe just say no to eggs for awhile!

Recall of tainted eggs expands –


  1. Iowa is On the Map!!!…

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