Putting on My Nancy Drew Hat….

Well I have a mystery to solve. A big one. And if any of you can help me out there in blog land I would welcome your comments and input!!! So I bid on a couple of Keurig coffee makers on Ebay a few weeks back. I wanted to replace one I had gotten for Micah which has mysteriously quit working even though we did everything to descale it, etc. And because I am the ditz that I am I ended up “winning” two because I was not paying attention. No big deal—I had one shipped to Micah and one shipped to me. I have wanted one for awhile but was not sure if I “really” wanted it. I definitely did not need it. For those of you who heard my message at church on August 1st you know that was kind of part of that message…..so anyway, I ended up with something that was a want and not a need. Or so I thought!

Since I was gone for a bit I had the mail put on hold as I usually do. That does not count for UPS and Fed Ex packages. I sometimes have a high school girl check on the house, the plants, the mail, etc but did not engage her services this trip as Chris would be home for a lot of the time I was gone. Our realtor was checking on things and bringing packages in if they appeared so I was not worried about anything going astray.

Word came back about packages received and stowed in the house—no Ebay item. I tried to track it but there was no tracking number listed. So I contacted the seller who very kindly gave me said tracking number which said that UPS had delivered by the front door on August 3rd. Hmmm. No box….Double checked with realtor—no Ebay type box or coffee maker. Double checked with Chris when he got home—Amazon box and Bath and Body Works but nothing that looked like a Keurig. So I filed a claim. Seems like I am getting good at that these days. When I filed the claim the address that was on the shipper info was an address in Indiana. The seller was located in Missouri. The plot thickens.

Made it home yesterday and finally got to look at the packages in my office. The Amazon box was huge and quite honestly I did not remember ordering anything from them that would be arriving while I was gone so I got out the trusty knife and let er rip…..and yep—you guessed it—inside was a Keurig Coffee Maker. Hmmmmm……..also inside was a note on Amazon paper saying that this was a “gift” from _______ _______(names omitted to protect the innocent). Now I do not know this person at all. This person was NOT the seller. This person lived in a totally different state than the seller. The note also said “Congratulations”.

So another email to the seller to see if she had had it drop shipped or something from IN and if she knew said sender. Nope. Not a clue who that guy is. So…..what are your thoughts on this? It IS the machine I ordered. She DID pack it in an Amazon box to ship. She does NOT live in Indiana where the package was shipped from. She DOES NOT know the man who apparently sent it to me complete with Amazon shipping info inside the box with my name and address on it. I know this is convoluted and complicated and I am obsessing way more than I should about it but it is driving me nuts. Maybe someone is messing with me? Playing with my tiny little mind??? Feel free to comment below (just click the comment box at the bottom of this post) and let me know what you think. I would LOVE to hear from my fellow detectives!


  1. Wayne Blaisdell says:

    HI Beth, My son Andrew confirmed my suspicions that the ebay store you bought the coffee maker from is probably a virtual store that carries no inventory. When you won the auction the seller then ordered the coffee maker at a lower price than you paid (Amazon wholesale account with a supplier) and sent it to you as a gift so that there was no invoice of price paid. Not sure about the dual seller/shipper, but probably a team situation or someone isn’t telling the truth along the line?
    Either way you got the coffee maker you wanted at a fair price. New retail I guess. Makes the brick and mortar guys work harder. Doesn’t work well for bikes, treadmills, hockey skates and things that need to be fitted or shipped by semi and assembled. Works great for coffee makers!

  2. My theory also—I figured it was drop shipped and someone was hedging on the truth a bit. Not sure that makes me happy to have someone not be honest with me when I ask something directly but it is life.

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