A paranormal mystery – Freeport, IL – The Journal-Standard

How cool is this?  This was on my Twitter Feed from Kindle!  A link to Freeport where we used to live---it is such an amazing world!!!  She published right to Kindle which is pretty amazing to me!!!  And it gives great hope to those who do not want to slog through the traditional publishing process!!!  And of course I will be downloading this one!!! A paranormal mystery - Freeport, IL - The Journal-Standard. … [Read more...]

Life is Good

Well what do you know? My genius son, the youngest one, not the older genius son, told me there was an app for Wordpress for my phone which had not even occurred to me before! I had posted blogs by email but this way I can do it ALL!!!! Technology is grand! Aaron and I had a super busy day yesterday. We did not stop till 8 pm and my footsies were tired because of a poor shoe choice. Watched a movie and totally crashed out. But we had fun shopping and getting some great bargains for his … [Read more...]