Fried Green Tomatoes and Sweet Tea

You know I love to blog about food! I love it!!! I guess you could say I have grown into that love of food because as a child and young adult I never really cared about food much. But oh---how I love it now! Especially when it is shared with good friends!!! Today I had the great thrill of seeing a bunch of friends who have had huge impacts on my life and it was a blessing!!! It was like coming home! My BFF Ann and I have had a great 4 days together and I am blessed to be able to do … [Read more...]

Shout Out to Jill!

Great new blog created by a Freeport, Illinois friend---Jill Jeffrey! She is reading Oswald Chambers "My Utmost for His Highest" which is my very favorite devotional to use! I have always loved it and have given it as gifts many times. Well---Jill is so gifted and a great writer so she is doing a daily study of it and responding to what she reads in poetry and prose and it is AWESOME! Check it out----follow her blog---it is well worth a look. And once again since my link thing is not … [Read more...]

More Things That Make Me Happy

Adding to my ongoing list: Great time with my BFF, Ann Finding a great buy at Ross Dress for Less A car with guts!!! (Thanks, Aaron) Emma's in Concord A few moments spent with a lady who goes to Al Anon that I remember from my secretary days at Epworth Having a friend from grade school find me on Facebook! Crepe Myrtles blooming … [Read more...]