Things To Be Happy About

I have been on a happy jag lately!!!   I think that is a good thing!  I blogged the other day about the Awesome book and today I have another one to share with you!  This one is called 14,000 Things to Be Happy About. I love it!!!  I really do!   The author, Barbara Ann Kipfer, started writing down things that made her happy back when she was in 6th grade—40 years of recording has yielded 95,000 entries!!! Can you imagine???  I am VERY impressed.  I can’t stick with something for a week let alone 40 some years!!!

Of course I have to give you some random samples from the book in no certain order:


hanging clean, dry towels in your bathroom

The light / dark knob on your toaster that allows you to think that you are in control…


embroidery samplers

manhole covers

the morning paper at the door

beef kabobs

the quiet presence of cats

knowing your cholesterol level

Pez candies

rock gardens

garden gnomes

smile lines

All great things, don’t you agree?  What would our world be like if we all made lists daily of things that make us smile???   Today is the day.  On her website there is a place where you can start creating and sharing your own lists.  I did a “blessing book” for awhile—-wrote 3 blessings daily.  Actually gave books to my Stephen Ministers for them to record theirs also.   I don’t know if any of them kept it up—I think I did for about 2 weeks before it went by the wayside.   But maybe, just maybe, I can start being more intentional and more aware of blessings and things that make me smile.   Check out the website and see what you can come  up with.  I would love to hear from you.  My mom has been telling me things that make her happy, make her smile and make her day and they always make me smile.   I would love to start a list to share so post your comments or just let me know when you think of one!!!   It is a great way to practice being positive !!!

Things To Be Happy About.


  1. Your post is so timely. About 3 weeks ago while firnning…whole different post… a new mantra popped into my head…it is Healthy Happy Passionate… these are my goals for the 2nd half of my life… as you can see it really fits…
    Have a nice day!

  2. Beth, Those are indeed great goals for the second half of life—-I think that I will adopt it also!!! The healthy part may need some work, she says, as she eats some leftover pizza for breakfast……

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