The Ripple Effect of Kindness

Worth a read!!!  I am a firm believer in this–have been the recipient many times and have tried to pay it forward myself.  This week I challenge  you to do something along these lines!  Let me know what you do and I will post it here!!!

I will start you off with what I have done—one of the vendors at the Farm Market here in Mason City has some fabulous products.  I have blogged about the local Soyphisticated Candles before (do a search to find the blog post).  Great business, great owner and just a nice line of products.  I stopped by to buy some lip balm (yummy) and laundry soap and when I went to pay I had no US change as we had just gotten back from Canada that morning and I had not changed out the change in my billfold.  I apologized for not being able to give her change, explained and she said that her son would love that as he loves coins.  So Tuesday I put together a baggie of change from some of the places we have traveled and ran it over to her to give to her son.  What did it cost me?  Nothing.  It was just change sitting in a drawer.  What will it bring that boy?  Hopefully some smiles!!  Goal achieved!  So get creative—read the article, maybe even get some of these SMILE cards ( I have a stash of my own) and start being nice!!   Report back and I will compile a list!!!

Birju Pandya: The Ripple Effect of Kindness.

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