High Tides and Muddy TOMS

Finally getting the chance to blog a bit about our adventures! Will space this out over a couple of posts and share some pictures! Chris has some on his camera and I may have to add a few of his later! He has some great shots but I will be sure to give credit where credit is due for his pictures!!!

We have had such wonderful weather—we really have! It is amazing!!! We have had the best weather ever and from the sounds of it our luck has been just that—luck!! Seems like it is not always this nice of weather so we are very happy about that!

We headed out to go to see the fabulous tide changes in the Bay of Fundy and ended up taking some unexpected stops but that is sometimes the best way to explore! We don’t always have every minute planned out and while my nature is to have a plan usually —it is nice to go with the flow sometimes and just be a little bit spontaneous! It usually works well for us so why change now???

We found a few neat lighthouses and I will post pictures of those. I love lighthouses and I think I should have researched a bit more before we came so that I could have had more of an idea of where to go but we happened upon quite a few without even trying hard. NEXT trip I will research! We did want to see the big tide changes in the Bay of Fundy as Chris has always wanted to see that. He has a bit of a geologist in him and he is fascinated by that. So we found some great places to take some photos and to be able to walk out at low tide. Amazing. We even went to Burncoat where the highest tidal change ever was recorded at 16.5 meters—that is 54 feet!!!! Amazing!!!! So you can imagine how impressive it is to see the cliffs that are exposed and then covered in water all in the matter of 6 hours or so. Twice every day The Bay of Fundy fills and empties its 100 billion tons of water !!! Can you imagine???

So we walked around and my white TOMS were not the right choice of shoe to wear—I am afraid that they might be ruined but time will tell. I was sad but to be honest—it was worth it!!! I can always buy more. Chris took a picture but I forgot to get it off his camera so I might have to post that one later. At one point my shoe got sucked off in the mud…..pretty funny but hard to walk in!!!

Enjoy the slideshow and let me know if you have ever visited any of these fabulous places! I am in love with Nova Scotia now!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. You’re right, I would love it there! maybe some day…

  2. I know you would love it! And I still have to post all the whale pics which were the best part!

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