New Domain Name!!!

Just to let you all know that Aaron hooked me up with a new domain name---if it is easier feel free to access this at! My blog will on there now!!! Let me know what you think about the new design-----there is a comment button at the top of each post under the tags! … [Read more...]

Kewpee Rocks!

So if anyone out there has never experienced a Kewpee burger you have never experienced the best burger ever!!! Today we took Aaron to the downtown original Kewpee in Lima to experience the ambiance. They were not busy when we were there which was kind of nice because we were able to talk a bit to some of the counter ladies and found out that it is a small world after all! (Sing with me!) One of the ladies we talked to had lived in the upstairs of a house that Chris's great grandmother had … [Read more...]

Exploding Cheerwine

Aaron drove up to meet us yesterday and being the great nephew that he is he brought a couple of cases of Cheerwine for Carlton. Carlton got hooked on Cheerwine when we lived in North Carolina and whenever we came up to visit we would load a couple cases in for him. Aaron is now the "connection" so he usually brings a couple up if he makes the trek to Ohio. True to form this trip he did just that and as we unloaded them last night (they were the only item in his trunk) we had to deal with … [Read more...]