Ramens and Fake Trees

I helped Aaron get his new kitchen in order today and as I was putting down shelf paper and wiping things out I found a shelf with tons of Ramens on it. Typical college food....I am hoping he graduates to better stuff now that he is indeed a graduate. We are slowly finding things to make the townhouse look more homey and today we got some pot plants (that is what they call potted plants in Australia---don't think I have gone druggie on you!) for the front porch and a fake tree for his room. … [Read more...]

Top Things I Miss about Living in Mooresville

1.  Friends, first and foremost!   Have the most awesome group of friends that are still a strong support system for me. 2. The Human Bean 3. Great shopping all within minutes 4. Panera Bread 5.  Our pool and backyard 6. Carolina blue skies 7. Sweet Tea 8. Being a part of Jacob's Well worship Top Thing I DO NOT Miss 1.  Traffic 2. Traffic 3.  Traffic 4.  Traffic 5.  Traffic Need I say more???? … [Read more...]