Gone Fishin’ For Missions

My good friends (and former co-workers) have gone a little crazy!  Blame it on the Carolina heat or the poor air quality from the volcanic ash in Iceland but they are staging an interesting sit in of sorts---maybe it is more accurately a "sit on" since they have vowed to spend 48 hours on the roof of the church !   Yep---that's them in the picture above---looking over the edge!  Teresa is Director of Family Ministries and Jen is Director of Youth Ministries ( and a bunch more fancy stuff that I … [Read more...]

Amazing Music and Video from Mandisa!!!

Had to share this with you all!  Paula and I saw her perform this last weekend at Women of Faith and it was amazing.  Even more amazing the story that went with it.  She met a woman at a conference who was very pregnant, prayed with her for baby Andrew and then the next week got a call that there was not heart beat.....moving story and this song is fabulous for anyone who has lost someone and needs to think about how wonderful it must now be for that person. … [Read more...]